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New energy era, how to upgrade the auto parts enterprises?

At present, many countries have developed auto lock up schedule, global mainstream car prices are also in the layout of new energy vehicles. According to data show that in 2016 China's new energy vehicle production and marketing exceeded 500 thousand vehicles, the cumulative promotion of more than 1 million vehicles, accounting for 50% of the world. In the long run, new energy vehicles instead of fuel vehicles are the trend of the times. Of course, the prosperity and development of new energy vehicles can not be separated from the bigger and stronger auto parts. Only parts and components are strong will it be possible to guide the upgrading of the entire industry level. Then, in the new energy era, how does the traditional auto parts enterprises in China adapt to the trend of the times? In September 20th, at the 2017 auto parts Summit Forum held in Guangzhou, Zengcheng, Mr. Qu Guochun, deputy director of the equipment industry department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, gave the following four suggestions for development:

First, vigorously develop new energy automotive components
The current technology and automobile industry a new generation of information and communications, new energy and new materials to accelerate the integration of the profound changes, industrial ecology, competition pattern of comprehensive remodeling, our country in the development of new energy vehicles should be effective, support the development of automobile intelligent network, the information technology has been enhanced. 13th Five-Year plan which proposed to the new energy vehicles and intelligent network vehicles as a breakthrough, so the auto parts industry should also conform to this trend, continue to strengthen the development and investment in the mobile power battery, motor and control system, active layout in these parts, including sensors, control chip, vehicle terminal, operating system super computing platform, and other parts of field to strengthen early layout and development.

Two, consolidate the technical basis of auto parts
Continuous breakthrough of advanced energy-saving core auto parts technology, to actively consolidate the advanced energy-saving technology of automotive parts industry base, the advantage of the backbone enterprises should alliance of industrial technology joint research institutes, universities and other parts to accelerate the development of platform development, advanced manufacturing and information industry to support the ability of short board focused on the advantages of resources, giving priority to the development of automatic bottleneck gearbox, engine control system, lightweight materials engineering and industrialization, encourage the advanced development mode of modularization and high value-added high-end knowledge intensive parts supply.

Three, promote the coordinated development of the whole industry chain

The vehicle and auto parts enterprises to explore and optimize the industrial technology innovation, cost benefit sharing quintal, cooperation mechanism, the construction of new vehicle parts cooperation, to carry out in-depth cooperation in research and development, procurement and other aspects, to establish safe and controllable key parts of the supporting system, improve the evaluation index supporting project of industrialization and key parts of the vehicle spare parts, encourage new energy automobile parts enterprises and cooperative development, the weak link of key parts and 4G project to strengthen joint research, promote the improvement of enterprise intelligent upgrade, promote the coordinated development of the whole industry chain.
Four, we must improve the level of international development
Parts enterprises should grasp the "The Belt and Road" opportunities and Chinese manufacturing strategic opportunities 2025, parts enterprises should actively integrate into the global system, to promote cross-border flows of production factors, optimize the allocation of resources, better in the global scope, can go out and bring the coordinated development, improve the level of enterprise, at the same time to approach the depth of innovation of auto industry change the tide, the auto parts to maintain the vitality and improve competitiveness as the key to the development of enterprises.