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Pure electric SUV need to find a selling point

Pure electric SUV need to find a selling point


In the pure electric vehicle market as a whole, when the fire, the introduction of pure electric SUV models, may be a clever move followed the market. Even though the industry experts believe that pure electric vehicles should take the small road, but if market acceptance, consumer acceptance, pure electric SUV this market segment completely have a brilliant future. Compared with other electric models, SUV model has the particularity, if pure electric SUV wants to emerge in the market, to find its market position.
First of all, pure electric SUV models to high color value. Compared to other pure electric vehicles, SUV models because relatively tall, relatively conspicuous. In a pure electric SUV models, should choose the optimal product line models and choose the highest value, Yan, the most popular consumer models, which can be pure electric SUV product is a hit, but also conducive to enhance brand awareness. From the current situation, car companies are doing, Jianghuai refine S2, select the GS4 selected Guangzhou production electric version. These in the field of traditional car sales are good models, I believe the corresponding electric version can also get good results.

Secondly, pure electric SUV models should be the main push long drive mileage. Mileage problem has been a long-standing problem plagued the development of pure electric vehicles. Although consumers also understand that the car mileage per day is generally not more than 60 km, but the driving distance of 150 km or 200 km or allow consumers anxious. SUV vehicle body relative to the car is relatively high, the bottom of the car space is relatively much off than the sedan, if the layout of the battery, can be appropriately heightening the roof, does not affect the riding feeling of the driver and passengers. This is one of the advantages of pure electric cars can not match. If the pure electric SUV products driving mileage of more than 250 km or more, can greatly ease the consumer's mileage problems. At the same time, you can also win more national and local subsidies for car companies, can shoot two hawks with one arrow.

Finally, pure electric SUV models should be the main comfort, sense of technology. In the past, many car companies did not launch pure electric SUV models, on the one hand, the battery energy density constraints, on the other hand is stuck in the SUV model to have a certain off-road old ideas. In fact, from the traditional fuel vehicle market, selling SUV models basically do not have the off-road ability, then the requirements of electric vehicle off-road is difficult. Because the SUV models are relatively high, relatively broad vision, the sense of ride is more comfortable than the car, which should become an important selling point of pure electric SUV. In addition, SUV is also a pure electric car electric cars, electric vehicles as the best carrier of electric network, SUV can have more space and more high-tech equipment layout, reflect the high sense of science and technology, one of which is the car does not have the advantage.
And industry experts point of view, compared to the production of pure electric SUV a bit counter to the meaning of the word. In fact, as long as the identification of the product market positioning, highlighting the characteristics and advantages of the product to solve the pain points of consumers, pure electric SUV in the new energy vehicle market has a place is not difficult.