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China will become the world's largest market for unmanned driving over 1/4

China will become the world's largest market for unmanned driving over 1/4


Foreign media said that in the design of unmanned vehicle competition, Chinese manufacturers and Internet giants are fierce chase their American counterparts, but the road to the market is still rough.
According to Agence France-Presse reported in April 23rd, the Google Corporation is committed to research and development of unmanned vehicles have been at least 6 years, followed by BMW, Volvo and TOYOTA and other automotive companies. Next, from the Internet search giant Baidu Inc to automobile manufacturers Changan automobile (micro-blog) Limited by Share Ltd, Chinese companies have joined the competition.
Reported that this month at the Beijing International Auto Show 25 days before the opening of Changan, two car driverless cars from the city of Chongqing, about 2000 kilometers to arrive in Beijing via. This is the first long distance road test of unmanned vehicle in China.
Another Internet giant in China, as the music is also involved in unmanned technology. 20, the music, as in Beijing released a car can be automatically stopped and can be called to the owner of the car is called to the location of the electric car.
At the end of last year, Baidu tested China's first indigenous design of unmanned vehicles - a modified BMW. The car was tested on a 30 kilometer line in the streets of Beijing.
Reported that although China into the field of unmanned vehicle is relatively late, but analysts believe that, in a more favorable management and consumption environment, China may become a major market for unmanned vehicles. According to Boston consulting firm is expected in 2035 the world's unmanned vehicle sales will reach 12 million, of which more than 1/4 will be sold in china.
Javier Mosquet, a consulting firm in Boston, said the company could solve the problem of long term traffic congestion in China's big cities, according to the Agence France-Presse, which can automatically adjust the route according to real-time traffic information. "If they think it can relieve the traffic jam, the Chinese authorities will do everything possible to develop the technology, and then put it into use," he said."
According to the Reuters reported on April 23rd, in the development of unmanned vehicle race, the United States and Europe is in the leading position in technology, but China rapidly from the periphery to catch up, its management structure may make it ahead of other countries, the popularity of unmanned vehicles on highways and city streets.

Reported that China's top-down management may make it beyond the United States and Europe - in the United States and Europe, the government generally let the car manufacturers themselves to agree on what kind of industry standards. To develop driverless car and electric vehicle is also in line with Beijing on economic transformation efforts, the economy to the high-tech and consumer sectors, rather than relying on heavy industry and low-end manufacturing industry to promote economic growth.
Changan unmanned vehicles project leader Li Yusheng (sound) said: "if we can convince the government, every company and every car on the road must use this (single standard), then have the opportunity to China (in the popularity of driverless cars on beat other countries)."
China to meet the conditions of the era of unmanned vehicle has matured. It is the world's largest car market, where there is a choking air pollution and traffic congestion, driver's driving technology is often unstable. According to WHO, more than 200 thousand people die each year in China from road traffic accidents.
Reported that, as a relatively new car owners, the Chinese people are often not like Westerners love to drive. According to a survey conducted by the world economic forum in 2015, 75% of Chinese said they were more likely to take an unmanned vehicle, compared with only half of the Americans who expressed their willingness to accept an unmanned vehicle. Boston consulting firm says China will become the largest market for unmanned vehicles in 20 years, accounting for at least 1/4 of global demand.