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2016 In The First Half Of Germany's Total Imports And Exports Of Nearly $5 Billion Fasteners

2016 in the first half of Germany's total imports and exports of nearly $5 billion fasteners

Core tip: the first half of 2016, the total value of imports of fasteners in Germany was $1802104035, compared with the same period last year rose by 4.61%; total export value of $2786051684, an increase of 1.89%.

According to the United Nations commodity trade statistics database (UN Comtrade) statistics show that in the first half of 2016 the German fastener total value of imports of $1802104035, up 4.61% compared with the same period last year; the total value of exports was 2786051684 US dollars, an increase of 1.89%. From the data we can see that the first half of the German fastener market exports rose steadily, the average monthly exports of about $460 million; imports rise more slowly, but the average monthly imports of $300 million, total demand.

From a global point of view, the first half of 2016, the five countries (or regions) of Italy, other parts of Asia, Switzerland, the United States, Holland. The highest price of imports from the United States, about $16.13 / kg, is imported from mainland China 6.5 times.