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Artificial Intelligent Company Encountered Nspoken Rules, Not From The Dead

Artificial intelligence industry continues to grow rapidly after the two years of peak investment, in 2017, began to enter the adjustment stage.
20132015 two years rapid development under the backlog of many market contradictions have emerged the outbreak of the precursor. At present, the smart UAV delivery, welcome robots, virtual assistant, intelligent hardware and other fields and industries have already shown the decline. Relevant data show that the total number of Sino US bankruptcy enterprises has exceeded 50.
Pioneers become martyrs. What experiences and lessons can enterprises draw from them? How does AI venture project cross the innovation gap? We from the historical data of the more than 50 companies of death warning, found five industry unspoken rule.
Rule 1: technology maturity

The core of artificial intelligence lies in technology, and the core of technology is maturity. Many AI startups are based on technology, but the maturity of technology is not the transfer of human will, and the product and the market are the final decision-makers. If you don't follow the unspoken rules, then tragedy will happen again and again.
No, virtual assistant has fallen into two companies: "Ying Heng Heng matrix" and "smart house"". Both of these products are personal assistants for life service. At present, this kind of integrated service virtual assistant technology is not fully mature, and the consumer market has not been opened. Many similar startups are difficult to obtain users, business model is difficult to verify. The virtual assistant for integrated services may take time, while the low end call field virtual assistant accounts for a large market, and smart customer service / smart Q & a technology has begun to be widely applied. But blind access to the market before technology is premature will only lead to death.
A good virtual assistant product requirements comprehensive technical ability is very high, involving Natural Language Processing, speech recognition, semantic analysis, computer vision, machine learning, personalized recommendation technology, is currently the focus of the layout of Google, Microsoft, apple, Baidu and other large companies to assure that much of their work is the integration of many commodities, technology platform the service provider to integrate virtual assistant.
Although a lot of entrepreneurial technology is not mature, but the virtual assistant market prospect is broad.
Consulting firm Tractica Market Research Report, consumer oriented mobile phone intelligent virtual assistant for maximum visibility, virtual assistant technology began to penetrate into a variety of devices, including smart watches, fitness tracker, PC, smart home system and intelligent vehicle. Tractica predicts that active consumer virtual assistant users will grow from 390 million in 2015 to 1 billion 800 million in 2021; at the same time, the virtual assistant for enterprise users will grow from 155 million to 843 million. In 2021, virtual assistant revenues will grow from $1 billion 600 million in 2015 to $15 billion 800 million.

Unspoken rule two: Unicorn surrounding desert
Good startups will grow into Unicorn companies, and once they become unicorns, they tend to define industry patterns, and later generations have little chance.
The unicorn, like little giant, has a huge capital, talent and technology reserves, facing the emerging field of potential can not be underestimated, small companies only single handedly to competition, is very likely to die or be acquired; the most typical field of uav.
In 2017, a lot of UAV company in the field of finance have encountered some problems, the domestic well-known UAV company "million air" and "zero" have been sharply cut, global sales of the top three "Parrot" also announced the layoff of 1/3.
In addition, because of a prototype video become famous overnight on the net of the United States "Lily", and Chinese congregation star "Skye intelligent", the two companies are due to financial difficulties of UAV announced to stop operations, there may be more undisclosed startups.
Since the beginning of 2013, Xinjiang launched the first generation of "Wizard", leveraging the UAV consumer market, opened the explosion growth model. According to the Chinese information industry network data, 2013 to 2015, the global consumer market size UAV two years increased by more than six times, from 14.95 yuan billion to 11 billion 50 million yuan, the capital Everfount into this industry.
After nearly two years of rapid growth, the UAV capital market began to freeze in 2016. The data show that the market share of Xinjiang has declined for the first time, and the market space of the consumer class UAV has been basically shaped, and the competition space among the unicorn enterprises has become increasingly narrow.
It is difficult to count towards unspoken rule: Three
The name of the company name of the pseudo artificial intelligence can't live long.
Guangzhou restaurant robot is a unique landscape, there are at least 6 restaurants have used robot waiter to charge room, welcome and so on. In 2016, the "impression robot" restaurant was closed in Guangzhou. Insiders say it's too early to really replace the waiter, and the robot is just a publicity stunt.
This restaurant application scenarios, can accept the price of robot is limited, at present, has not been large-scale industrial technology service robot, in most restaurants an acceptable cost can't build a good service robot. For example, the cost of about 100 thousand yuan of the robot, low technical content, poor service experience, the actual benefits brought by the robot itself is not significant, most of the owner said with service robots is to attract customers attention, and is not a substitute for real robot waiter working environment, can be said to be The loss outweighs the gain.
Unspoken rule four: skimming pricing will lead to death

Unspoken rule five: the higher the expectation, the faster the death
The birth of new technology and new products, people tend to give too high expectations, if the assumption is serious, go astray suffer a big.