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Chery Or Leveraging The Concept Of Future Development By Jaguar And Land Rover

2015, Chery sold more than 460,000 vehicles for the year, sales growth in spite of domestic and overseas markets, but under a joint brand prices, and brand competitors come from behind before and after the attacks, future product planning, brand building, and networks need to catch up on a lot of homework.

"Part of the existing models for aging, will gradually withdraw from the market, part of the product and market value will also be included in the series. "Chery General Manager Assistant Jin yibo said," QQ would no longer have a separate series, and will only produce pure electric vehicle, called Chery eQ. "In addition to Chery eQ, Chery also plans a variety of products in new energy, first half of the year, Chery will launch a PHEV plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, in the second half, micro EV" little ants "will be listed.

Meanwhile, "concept to quality has been recognized by the industry, Chery's products in the future will also be put to the observation of the production on the platform. "Jin yibo said Chery at this stage of development the quality is extremely important, and view of the platform which can be reached by Chery's quality endorsement.

In addition, the recent news that Chery Jaguar Land Rover factory in Jiangsu Changshu OEM Chery's high-end models, but the news has not been confirmed by Chery.

Sure is, Chery will further deepen the relationship with the partner. View Executive Vice President by Xiaodong Sun revealed that expanding the concept to the dealer network as soon as possible, look to use Chery dealer resources.