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Lightweight Ride For Electric Vehicle Future

"Thirteen-Five" during the Special layout of new energy vehicles in China focusing on three aspects, including pure electric power system is the main system in the next five years, mostly intelligent, light, chassis integration.

Lightweight automobile mentioned, many people's first reaction is the car is very light, and may be unsafe. In fact, we never really know what it means. Light weight of the car, is the premise of guaranteeing speed and safety performance of cars, to reduce the car's curb weight. Weight loss after the car has many advantages, such as greener, more fuel-efficient, driving speed, handling and responsiveness improvements. Lightweight automobile is undoubtedly a trend for future car development.

Lightweight and new materials, and lightweight relate mainly to the 5 major materials for the future of electric cars: carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic material, high strength steels, carbon fiber reinforced thermoset materials, aluminum and magnesium alloys. The use of these materials should cost, and metal connections, considering the repair and recovery. Among them, the current best of high strength steel.

Lightweight electric vehicle is not only lightweight body, also includes transmission equipment, batteries, and so on. For example increased battery capacity per unit volume to lightweight, at present, this technology has engineered. By rearranging the layout of the battery is also one of the effective means of improving energy density. For example, through the study of cell size and design, and layout matches the batteries more efficient, much more so that the battery box volume remains constant, increasing the number of batteries to achieve longer range. In short, improved battery energy density, and is fully customizable through a variety of methods to achieve it.

In addition, lightweight tires is becoming a trend for lightweight automobile, or will in the future to achieve mass production. It is understood that the wheels using epoxy? structural CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymers) around the aluminum structure. Due to the reduction in weight, the tires can improve their power and energy efficiency.

Data show that the advantages of hybrid or full carbon wheels are numerous. By reducing rotating mass and unsprung mass, lower fuel consumption, reduced road noise and reduces braking distances to improve mechanical grip and improved operation feeling and a sense of driving. Carbon wheels which have been developed as early as a few years ago, mainly used in some enthusiast cars and luxury cars.

Tire weight vehicle frame lightweight twice times the benefits they can bring, will become mainstream in the future. Automotive lightweight carbon wheel into the development has brought enormous power.

Current EV mileage is to a large extent subject to the weight of the car, focus of the light has been a manufacturer of electric cars. Multi light quantization design thinking is an important thrust of the electric car revolution.