Auto Body Accessories waterc Pump for Haval H6
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Auto Body Accessories waterc Pump for Haval H6

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We are engaged in a variety of accessories such as automobiles and trucks, with rich varieties and preferential prices. The prices given are reference prices. Please consult us for specific prices, and look forward to your visit!

1. Applicable models: Great Wall Haval
2. OEM number: 3550170-K18

please supply the detail information for the vehicles if needed parts :

1. the vehicle:
type and year ?VIN NO?pictures?
2. the parts
the pictures? part no? quantity?OE NO?

then we can check and confirm the accurate part for you without mistake.

our company produce brake disc ,brake pad ,brake caliper,brake line,brake cylinder ets brake parts for cars.
also produce brake drum,brake shoe,brake linning,brake camshaft,adjuster arms,brake chamber etc for trucks meantime.
also we use our many years of experience and professional knowledge in auro parts fields,with relevant
friends cooperation wokrs ,then can supply many cars and trucks whole full parts for car and trucks now.
welcome customers enquiry us and order everyone parts for your car and truck,even distributers in large or small orders customers.

quickly and in time logistics service and professioanl technical saler will supply your best correct parts.

we supply spare parts for heavy trucks,HOWO A7,DELONG and so on.
JANPAN cars series and SUV vehicle ,
full items for this vehicles.
stabilizer bush,wheel stud and nuts;cabin arm bolt,head lamp,diff lock switch/oil pressure,
mirrors,brake drums,king pin kit,oil filter,air cleaner,fuel filter......

best quality ensure and price along.

We operate a complete range of auto parts, mainly including the following:
Engine accessories: engine assembly, three-way catalytic converter, cylinder head, middle cylinder, oil pan, oil tank, water tank, gasoline grid, oil grid, air grid, gasoline pump, exhaust pipe, thermostat, camshaft, connecting rod, flywheel, ring gear, valve seat, oil pump, connecting rod, water pump, hydraulic tappet, valve push rod, valve spring, oil pipe, air flow meter, intake and exhaust manifold, Fan, radiator, tension wheel, computer board, camshaft, crankshaft, throttle;
Body accessories: bumper, reversing mirror, headlight, door, roof, hood, tail lamp, leaf plate, China open, steering lamp, fog lamp, lining, endoscope and other original parts and disassembled parts.
Brake accessories: brake drum, brake pad, brake disc, brake cylinder, ABS pump, brake master cylinder;
Chassis accessories: steering gear, power steering pump, lower arm, steering column, wheel hub, shock absorber, steel ring, half shaft, tie rod, steering knuckle, front and rear axle, steering wheel, left and right tie rod;
Electrical series: computer panel, combination instrument, sensor, window regulator, ignition coil, starter, generator, air conditioner compressor, distributor, fuse box, combination switch, wiper motor, etc.


About Us

ZIBO BAIWANG MACHINERY CO.,LTD worked in auto parts for many years, have been focusing on the production, processing, and operation of accessories for automotive brake systems.

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