Brake Disc for Mecedes Benz Atego Trucks
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Brake Disc for Mecedes Benz Atego Trucks

Basic Info.
Model NO.
Zichuan, Zibo, Shandong, China
HS Code
Production Capacity
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  • 9754230012/9754230312

OE NO:  brake disc suit for MECEDES BENZ ATEGO bus.
Truck brake disc,commercial vehicle  bus.
Now we have large qty and can supply in large qty and best price.
We can machining many kinds of brake disc /rotor for many kinds of type truck, Only receive the drawings or samples.Also we can produce many automibile brake discs/rotors, brake drum.

1.Chemical  specification

Item standards Brake disc
C 3.1--3.4 3.3
Si 1.9--2.3 1.95
Mn 0.6--0.9 0.75
P 0.15 MAX 0.1
S 0.12MAX 0.08

2.Physical propertities

Item standards Brake disc
Tensile strength 245 N/MM2 MIN 268
Hardness HB 187--241 HB 230
microstructure A 85% MIN+B5%MAX A 92% MIN
+B 4%MAX
Dynamic balance Disc 260 g-cm  MAX 200 g-cm
Dynamic balance Drum 1300 g-cm MAX 500 g-cm

Brake Disc for Mecedes Benz Atego Trucks

3.-Professional Manufacture
4.-Long Service Life & Low noise
Brake Disc for Mecedes Benz Atego Trucks

5.strictly testing ways dynamic balance
100% test brake discs' crucial dimension inspection and dynamic Balancing.
Brake Disc for Mecedes Benz Atego Trucks

6.Material: casting Iron
7.Standard: HT-250
8.Solid or vented: VENTED
9.Packing: Neutral or Color
Brake Disc for Mecedes Benz Atego Trucks

10..TS16949 and ISO 9002certificate;
Brake Disc for Mecedes Benz Atego Trucks

11.many years of export experiance.
12.short lead time :20 days a 20' container.
13. reasonalbe price and quality warrante period;
14. small quantity order acceptalbe ; MOQ at least 50--100pcs;
15.we especial develop and produce difficult and complex works brake disc parts along.such as
16.Surface black palted,Zinc plated,drilled holes or scottled lines on discs.
17. Quality warrante period: 1 year or 100000 kliometers.
18.can accept drawing and sample supplying design or explore new items brake discs or rotors.
welcome enquiry and visit us.Baiwang series Car or truck brake discs and brake drums with more modes and more tems as our best advantage;
The OE no for commercial vehicle brake discs items which we produce along as below excel chart:

OE NOOE NO OE NO 82853900008285390000190646171823058150803004108213583081508030041815080300404079001301815080300409424210312C3859424212112942421031297542303129424212112205150934079001303309271085110495CBR0216851038033564210312 85103804215.035CBR0235851038054079000501815080300288510380640015334079000301851038094001532975421911235642110124079000701 14022726704210312 13874391906438 1387439J9044230312 OH11154000719 3088340201415147 4079000500308834087 2122511557RS300820 815080300097172928 209951449754210012 14002739704230712 1895689024210912 0178704001204 50104225932E0615601A 50102164374000359 97542306124001.007 94342103129014230412C378X18576581907631 40790013001908773 40790010017185503 31129654000535 9044230212YH1642 97042306129024210312 0821333106274120012 3088340809704230412400.3298150803002281508030021 190756981508030031 66842305129424211112MNE1081815080300489424211112 815080300421386686 9034230312713692 8150803002781508030020 97542102129754210112 970423051281508030057 3088341306754210112 40790003002D0615301B 40790004009024230112 30883505068013764AACBR0266407900070030883406040010303088340304079000502 308834100308834107 1400284CBR0213 66842102125103602AA400054666842300129024230312 66842301125103602AB 6684230412ZD0615601A 815080300395103602AC 90242107122995812 902423041203612200 906423001281508030023 50104223639424211212 50104223649424211212 90142306128551042 90142308129024210412 9024210612308834040 1400069308834067CBR0268008-3340-360.749014210312 6884230012308834047 68842100126884210212 9704210112MN1075 90642100127189476 190861421225115 42471111308835057 2996328CBR0266 21227349501313313 424708369014210612 424708429704210012 68323825045103606AA 931614079704230312 5000450158082133310 299612140790011201 2992477M200125 M069018VO1060 3088350302D0612601B H68210703MNE1076 6832655281508030014 MBR90041906491 0308835060204566 29919792D0615301A 71801119704210612 ZD0615601CMBR9004 40790017009014230812 40790018009754230012 40790018001908729 14037587173317 307900015004079001302 307900016002069432001 797874129704210212


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ZIBO BAIWANG MACHINERY CO.,LTD worked in auto parts for many years, have been focusing on the production, processing, and operation of accessories for automotive brake systems.

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