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DAYUN trucks accessories

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This week, our Peruvian customer finally successfully made the payment and ordered our Shaanxi Automobile Dayun heavy truck accessories. His Dayun truck's headlights, headlights, bumpers, and rearview mirrors had an accident recently, and we found us through the internet. We quickly gathered all the accessories for him and packaged them for shipment to Qingdao port. Wrap all the accessories in a large wooden box. A very successful shopping experience was transported by sea from China to South America across mountains and rivers.




At the same time, we also feel the strength of China, Chinese products and Chinese cars

Our main business is the full range of accessories for trucks produced in China. We welcome users from all over the world to order accessories. Our company is becoming stronger and stronger, and our motherland is becoming greater and greater.

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ZIBO BAIWANG MACHINERY CO.,LTD worked in auto parts for many years, have been focusing on the production, processing, and operation of accessories for automotive brake systems.

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