Zibo Baiwang Machinery Co.,Ltd

Zibo Baiwang Machinery Co., Ltd. main produce machinery products autoparts and develop building tiles mosaic products too. Manufacturer specialized in machinery products auto brake parts :brake disc ,brake drums ,brake pads ,brake S-camshafts and brake pads etc.selled to many countries all the world along.design of high-end sports car brake rotors.

Latest News
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    The 2016 Beijing Auto Show, The New Concept O...
    new RED FLAG car show on BEIJING auto show 2016.
  • 11
    If Your Car's Butt Install A Rogue Hook
    In order to protect yourself car from knocking rear end ,then install a rouge hook right or not?
  • 30
    A Snake Sleep In A Car
    very terrible news .
  • 28
    2017 Mercedes-AMG GLS63 – Driven
    High-powered SUV might be a conundrum to some folks. Why put a twin-turbocharged V-8 in a vehicle that’s supposed to be for hauling kids and trailers, right