brake camshafts BPW Spline meshing problem
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brake camshafts BPW Spline meshing problem

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below is our discuss problem for BENZ & BPW brake camshafts  spline teeth meshing problem:

The tooth root diameter of the spline is not a key dimension for measurement and detection. We mainly control the cross bar distance of the spline and try to reduce the tooth root diameter as much as possible to make it easier to engage with the corresponding adjustment arm spline. If the tooth root diameter is 38.5 according to the requirements of the drawing, it is impossible to fully engage the tooth root of the adjustment arm keyway with the camshaft teeth, and there is a large gap. Only by reducing the tooth root diameter as much as possible.

. You can install our brake camshaft and adjustment arm, test them, and you will see the results, rather than just drawing conclusions based on the dimensions of the drawings.

4. In China, we constantly communicate and improve with BENZ truck manufacturers to determine the root diameter of the brake camshaft. However, determining whether the installation is qualified or not is not based on the root diameter, but rather on detecting and controlling the cross bar distance of the brake camshaft spline.

. Let's show you the photos and videos, and you will understand.

The photo shows the meshing of the BPW adjustment arm and the brake camshaft spline. The tooth root diameter has no effect at all, only the cross rod pitch diameter can be detected, and the sharp teeth are easier to mesh than the coarse teeth.

Please do not trouble us with these unprofessional questions. We sincerely serve you, but these unnecessary issues are not worth paying attention to. Please pay attention to the installation effect of the accessories.

BPW brake camshaft and adjuster arm teeth show ;




If you have any further questions to question us, please send us your evidence, which is the installation process of our accessories and corresponding adjustment arms, to prove whether the engagement between the brake camshaft spline and the adjustment arm spline is qualified!

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