electrical water pump for HAVAL H5,H6 2021,2022
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electrical water pump for HAVAL H5,H6 2021,2022

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our company met a happy thing and business this week,a customer from SUADI ARAB ordered our GREATWALL HAVAL H5,H6 SUV electrical water pump thress pieces and in two times,first time buy one and be satisfied with quality and second order two pieces today, very success for us.

PART NO:1307400XEN01 electrical water pump suit for Greatwall Haval H5,H6 2021,2022 newtypes of SUV vehicles.ordered two times and in original genuine quality.irst time customer order one piece to test it's guality ,whe reached his place after 5 davs .he feevery happy and satisfied with our quality ,then meantime time pay total amount again order twopieces again.



we are professional supplier for all Accessories Full Parts Whole GREAT WALL HAVAL series Items Full Vehicles Range Fittings for HAVAL Series Cars,SUV etc: H1,H2,H5,H6,H7,H8,H9,M1,M2,M4,M5,F1,DAGOU,TANK,PAUL.....

we Can accept small and bulk orders of HAVAL parts meantime without any problem.

please send us the detail information of your enquiry of accessories if you need them now and future.

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